Monetize any type of traffic

Adsterra stands out as a leading advertising network, offering a myriad of advantages for publishers looking to monetize their traffic from websites, blogs, or social media platforms.

Why should you choose Adsterra?

This comprehensive advertising solution employs artificial intelligence algorithms to ensure the highest payouts and finely tuned ad flows, providing publishers with a unique and optimized experience

One of the standout features of Adsterra is its extensive network of over 12,000 advertisers.

100% fill rate

This allows publishers to collaborate with advertisers from various industries, presenting an opportunity for diversified revenue streams.

10 minute approval

Additionally, Adsterra boasts a 100% fill rate, helping publishers maximize their revenues by minimizing vacant ad spaces.

Monetize any type of traffic

The rapid approval process is another noteworthy feature of Adsterra.

With approval in just 10 minutes after applying, publishers can quickly start boosting their ad revenues.

This instant approval provides publishers with a significant advantage in establishing an immediate income stream.

Desktop or mobile website traffic

  • Are you the owner of a News or Books website, operating a Marketing or SEO blog, or providing URL Shortening or File Converting services?
  • If so, you’ve likely considered monetizing through online advertising or affiliate marketing.
  • Enter Adsterra, the reputable ad network trusted by publishers worldwide.
  • Experience the same high CPM rates enjoyed by over 18,000 webmasters and affiliates.
  • Join us today and unlock your website’s earning potential!

Social and mobile app traffic

  • We collaborate with social media and affiliate marketing experts proficient in monetizing followers across platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, utilizing advanced affiliate marketing tools.
  • Notably, Adsterra’s intelligent direct link stands out as an exceptional tool for matching offers to traffic.
  • This versatile tool is not limited to social marketers; mobile app developers and proprietors of messenger groups, chats, and channels can leverage it to monetize their products.
  • It turns every converting button or image into a source of revenue for them.

URL shortener, domain parking traffi

  • Unlock the full potential of monetizing type-in traffic with Adsterra.
  • Parked domain monetization has consistently proven to be a highly profitable category.
  • Adsterra offers a diverse range of ad formats that allow you to seamlessly capitalize on your traffic without causing any inconvenience to users.
  • Whether you own an URL-shortening service or are looking to maximize revenue, you can thrive using different combinations of ad units, such as in-page push ads and popunders, or a blend of classic banner ads with short video pre-rolls.

“Adsterra’s flexibility in terms of revenue sources is also commendable. ”

Annie Steiner Tyler

CEO, Greenprint

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